The evening of December 26th saw a huge amount of snow heading toward New York City. Just as the first few flakes were falling, I ducked into the Ellen Stewart theater at La Mama to check out “Winter Sun” an interdisciplinary event produced by the Yara Arts Group. “Snehurka” is an engaging tale, performed by puppeteer Vit Horejs (not at all pronounced as you might think –unless you are Czech) as a kind of prologue for the musical/theatrical event which followed. More on that later.
The presentation is charming, (the kids were all eyes and ears) and I suspect Mr. Horejs has many more stories up his colorful sleeves. But right now this particular tale seems appropriate in the midst of what is proving to be a harsh winter indeed. So enjoy this bittersweet fable of a mysterious child, born of the snow, who comes to grace the lives of a childless couple.

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