IstanbuLive IV presents The Secret Trio at Lincoln Center Out of Doors from Michal Shapiro on Vimeo.

Let me state that everyone in the Secret Trio is what I’d call a “ringer;” that virtuoso pro who gets called in to do the most demanding gigs on short notice and always nails it. I first saw oud maestro Ara Dinkjian with the Greek diva Eleftheria Arvanitaki, and he commanded the stage the same calm way then, albeit dealing with a far larger ensemble. The always impressive Tamer Pinarbasi on Kanun is a pioneer of sorts, having developed a way of playing his instrument that is pianistic and harmonic; no small feat. To find out more about this unique approach, see the interview I did with him several years back.

Rounding out the trio is the Macedonian Ismail Lumanovski on clarinet, who has mastered the folk styles from all parts of the Balkans along with the classical embouchure he learned during his scholarship at Julliard. Although he can rip a solo with the best of them, it is the richly controlled tone of this embouchure that sets him apart, as he is able to negotiate the melismatic twists and turns of Balkan melodies with a much heavier reed.

The Trio opened the evening, and held the audience spellbound with their intricate and intimate music. The song I’ve selected is “Yine mi Çiçek?” the melody for which was written by Dinkjian, and which was popularized by non other than Turkey’s most high profile singer, Sezen Aksu.

My thanks to Mevlüt Akaya for the wide shot camera work.

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  1. Vered Lieb says:

    Beautiful, well done, haunting. Your camera work continues to astound me.
    Thank you so much for exposing me to this fine music.


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