MAY 4, 2009, 12:00PM

Just had a great visit with bandura virtuoso Julian Kytasty. Ever since I heard him play this celestial instrument I’ve been wanting to spread the word, so on this particular installment of the blog I kept my mouth shut and just let Julian do his thing.
I hope you enjoy it; it’s gonna be in two parts because it ran rather long, and I couldn’t bear to cut it all down. The first post here is just one composed piece, and the second part is to come; it’ll be more about the traditional repertoire.

The meeting was also fun because he lives in what used to be the predominantly Slavic section of Manhattan, has lived there for 30 years and so knows where you can still get the best potato pirogy. (Which turns out to be a weekend church kitchen run by some sprightly elderly ladies.) And yes, we went there and had some mighty FINE home-made borscht and pirogy!

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