Parvathy Das Baul and Lakshman Das Baul at IndiEarth Xchange from Michal Shapiro on Vimeo.

I first saw Parvathy Das Baul at the Fez Festival in Morocco. I was immensely impressed with her powerful voice and stamina; she sang for almost an hour straight. I found out later that she had performed with a fever of 102; more impressive still! But the concerns of the body are less than tertiary to Bauls. As they sing of divine love they also sing of the illusion of material life, and the constant search for the soul. In this performance at IndiEarth Xchange (a gathering of music professionals in Chennai) Parvathy is joined by Lakshman Das Baul, a wonderful singer in his own right, who I have covered in another article: Throughout the show, he mostly backed her up instrumentally, but they sang this song as a duet. I found the melody to be particularly lovely. And the musicians are of course, magnificent representatives of the powerful and living tradition they come from.

2 Responses to “Parvathy Das Baul and Lakshman Das Baul at IndiEarth Xchange”

  1. Vered Lieb says:

    Simply wonderful!

    Thank you once again for a profound musical experience I would never have had otherwise.


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