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A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have Sertab Erener and her partner Demir Demirkan come by the studio to talk about their latest project “Painted on Water.” For those you who are not familiar with them, Sertab is a pop diva from Istanbul, and her rendition of “Every Way That I Can” (written by Demirkan) which won the Eurovision Song contest in 2003 cemented her place in the hearts of the Turkish public. During the time we spent here, one couldn’t help but see that the couple truly enjoy each other’s company, and the interview went on for quite a while, as they talked about their music, how they met, their work method, and how the “Painted on Water” project developed. This was a tough one to edit, because it was all so interesting.
I really wanted them to demonstrate how the songs went from Turkish folk to mainstream pop, and they did that and more.

Keep an eye out for more from this very rich interview in upcoming blogposts– like a performance where Sertab demonstrated her operatic chops and her pop stylings, all in one song!

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