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Now that Spring has sprung, here’s a dose of soulful fiddle music from two masters: David Greely, founding fiddler of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, and Joel Savoy of The Savoy Family Band and the Red Stick Ramblers. The duo was in town for GlobalFEST, at an “offsite event” at the Highline Ballroom. This performance (no interview — it doesn’t need it!) is a happy reminder that there are still places in the USA that treasure their ethnic heritage and play homemade music to enrich life. It’s easy to imagine these two making music on the front porch in the midst of a warm Louisiana Spring day. So relax and bask in the sounds of some sweet strings.

Keep in mind that a lot of this is music for dancing off the work and cares of the day. In Cajun country there are still plenty of places to hear live, authentic music, be it Cajun, Creole or Zydeco. You go there to dance till you are ready to drop, till your endorphins kick in and do what they are supposed to.  For my money, that’s a fun evening.

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This is also the place where you will find video that is exclusive to my site. I’ve traveled to places like Uzbekistan, Morocco, and Taiwan and no matter where I go I have found amazingly talented and creative people working in every genre from the deepest traditions to the cutting edge.

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