Getting laid off because of a recession can really get to you. Bruce had been writing songs for his new lap steel, and this one, called “Up the Spout” (a Midwestern depression term) just spoke to me. I wrote a melody and words and voilá.

Occupy Wall Street happened right around the time we were shooting the video, so I went down there and got shots of some of the more poignant people and signs…..

Lyrics to “Up the Spout”

It’s a bitter wind, and it ain’t no breeze
It shakes the windows and it takes the trees
And it blew me away
I love my work. It’s what life’s about-
that wind came and blew it all Up the Spout
Yes it blew me away.

Now here I sit…what shall I do
That wind left me here without a clue
Yes, it blew me a way
You were the boss, yet here we meet
Yeah, we both lost on that windy street
Yes it blew us both away

That wind don’t care — we’re all just dust
and it’s happening to all of us
It’s blowing us away
Now with a little luck I’ll make it through
But when that wind blows it’s gonna come for you too
It’s blowing– It’s blowing us away, Up the Spout
Blowing us Up the Spout

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